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8/7/06 12:16 am - premercedes

I saw Suicide City for like the 9th or 10th time on August 3rd. It was an amazing show. They premiered their Give Me Your Pity video for the first time, which was kickass. They videotaped the entire show; I'm not sure what they are going to be doing with that. Maybe a DVD? They also played MSI's "Straight to Video", which is going to be on their new album that isn't released yet. They did an awesome job on that. If you weren't there, you missed a memorable experience. :)

4/22/06 12:41 am - nicky1388

Hello! I'm new here. I actually never even heard of Suicide City until yesterday. Tonight I went to my Taking Back Sunday concert and they were the opening act. They started and I was like 'oh, carp. there goes all my money." i fell fast and hard for them. they're just awesome. i didn't get any pictures because i don't have a camera but i did hang with them for a bit at their merch table. this little table thingy fell on Karl's head. it was sorta funny afterwards. everyone was asking if he was hurt and he was like 'nah. i hit myself in the head with a chair, didn't i?' i got a poster and it was signed by everyone but dan and i got a cd and a t-shirt. i was so happy with their show and they're so my new favorite band. okay, that's all for now. if i remember more, i'll add it. any questions, feel free to ask.

4/13/06 01:54 pm - silentchick18 - I saw them at the Crash Mansion in NYC

I went to see SC recently they were awesome..
I saw them at the Crash Mansion with the birthday massacre.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Here I am with Karl ( the scissors were his idea).

Image hosting by Photobucket

Here I am with Billy

Image hosting by Photobucket

Aj and me

Image hosting by Photobucket

Dan and Me

Image hosting by Photobucket

Karl and me again

Image hosting by Photobucket

Jen and I

2/17/06 07:26 pm - clockworkclaws - Greetings from Lelaland.

A small update from your lovable but not so squishy maintainer.

I fixed all the images. I had forgotten that the webspace I was using went away, so yeah. Reuploaded everything to boomspeed and photobucket.

So the community looks somewhat pretty again!

Anyway, there are two *brand new!!!* Suicide City demo tracks as well as the entire "Not My Year" CD available to listen to at PUREVOLUME. You do not need to have an account to listen!

Just as a conversation starter, who has been to some good shows lately, or is going to some? In March, there'll be two "big name" concerts coming to town.

March 8th - Nickelback/Chevelle/Trapt

March 23rd - Nine Inch Nails/Saul Williams

I am really looking forward to both shows, especially NIN.

2/17/06 02:51 pm - scumgrief

What's up all..

A friend of mine told me about Suicide City a couple months ago.
After Biohazard's last cd,everyone was curious what the boys are up to..its great to hear that a change,although 'hazard was one of my fave bands,and i'm a little bummed that they are through..

So,i hear rave reviews,that they are the best unsigned band of 2005,currently,i dig Diemonds.I think it's pretty solid tune.

Well just wanted to introduce myself.hope to hear from u guys..


1/19/06 10:38 pm - brokentryst

From: cookie do?
Date: Jan 8, 2006 10:46 AM

are you all comin back to shreveport sometime soon? let me know.

happy new year =)

From: KARL the crawler
Date: Jan 12, 2006 3:04 p.m.

i wish ......:(
i wanna go there ....it was so freak fun


In other words:


12/31/05 01:10 am - hazardousexodus

This is my "LIVE DAMMIT" post...



Now I guess... SOME CONTENT!

www.purevolume.com/suicidecity If you haven't already, go here and download "Cutter." It's a free Xmas present for the citizens of Suicide City.



11/3/05 09:25 pm - clockworkclaws - Feeling really blahblah, I want to blahblahblah :B

So Renée is all like "OMG LELA YOU SHOULD DESIGN A SHIRT." and I'm all like "whatev."

And then I found myself tired with nothing to do this afternoon, so I went into photoshop and pumped out this piece of crap little beauty.

OMGshirt.Collapse )

Purple + white + black = sexy color scheme. You can't deny it. I don't like the windows, though, for some reason. I'll provide high-res source pics later.

10/30/05 11:18 pm - brokentryst

I just realized that I can join this community and post something.

Anyways, I already commented about this but...


Ahem. *silence*


At least we all like Suicide City.

10/30/05 03:09 pm - hazardousexodus

Lela ordered other people to post, SO HERE I AM!

I am like the photoshop whore. I love doing anything and everything in Photoshop. I AM HERE TO TAKE REQUESTS! You got something you want an icon of? You and Karl? Karl? Billy? Jennifer? AJ? Dan?! I can do it all. Hell, since this was made because we all went to the MSI concert and met SC, I'll even do MSI icons.

(Actually, I'll do ANY icons you want, just give me the pictures and what you want it to look like, and I'll do it.)

I will now post ALL of the Karl icons I've made. (I suppose I should move on to other band members too, they need to feel the love.)

Icons!Collapse )

Aren't they lovely? Some of them are just bland because I run out of fancy ideas after a while. A lot of the same font too, because I have like 300 of them... it's easier just to choose one I like and stick with it.

And now pictures for you (Renee took them!)

Pictures!Collapse )

Another thing, I can "remove" red eye in Photoshop (since all the other programs are stupid trials that leave watermarks) if you have any pictures that need red eye removing.
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